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Preparing for your family / friendship photo session

  • Important to note is the attention to detail!  Remember that the details are what make your images look polished and professional.  What you can control yourself… please do!  Look at every inch before you arrive for your shoot.  It’s amazing what you can miss… so here are a few pointers.


 Your appearance

  • Hair:– Hair must be clean, brushed, split ends taken care of, no colour issues (don’t colour your hair a crazy purple the day before, without advising me!) and preferably not tied up especially when damp.

  • Nails:-  SO important!   If you don’t have time for a manicure, rather keep your nails short, filed, clean and covered with a natural or clear polish.  If they are painted, paint them well – and if they are chipped, rather remove the polish.  Toenails often get neglected but please try and have your feet looking as good as your hands.

  • Makeup:-  If you are doing your own makeup please make sure that it looks good in natural light.   Enhance your eyes a little more than usual as the camera takes away quite a bit.  Make sure your foundation matches your skin and please bring it, as well as your lipstick with you to the shoot in case we need to do touch-ups. 


Clothes and accessories

  • Clothes:- Please check clothing carefully if you are bringing your own clothes.  Check for stains, fly away pieces of cotton, lint (especially if you are wearing black or dark colours), hair, no buttons missing, zips working and very important – make 100% sure your clothes are pressed/ironed and hanging on a hanger – please do not fold them up and push them into your bag. 

  • What to wear:- I will discuss this with you beforehand but first consider where we are shooting – your clothes must fit the location.  Clothing that does not attract attention to itself is the ultimate goal.  Be careful of the strong and bright colours such as yellow, red, green, orange, cobalt blue or anything neon – look in natural light as to how the reflections play on your skin under your chin.  Pastels, khaki, neutral soft colours really make for simple and elegant imagery.


       If you are a family or couple, make sure all your colour palettes tone well together. Try not to go for everyone in the same colours – add visual interest by toning colours and textures.


     PLEASE DO NOT WEAR BOLD PATTERNS, ANY STRIPES, CHEQUERED FABRICS, LARGE LOGOS, BRAND NAMES, MOTIFS OR CHARACTERS. These detract from your face and become the focus of the image.   Plain tops and/or textures will work well. 


      I would suggest layers of clothing so that there is some visual interest to the outfits. Putting a solid colour cardigan over a dress or, a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans can add just that extra little touch of style that makes a portrait special.  What can also work well is a semi-casual look. Think about what you would wear to an afternoon at a smart lunch. Nothing too dressy, but something you would take pride in wearing. Outfits that make you feel beautiful.


  • Types of clothing:- Shirts with collars are fantastic for framing the face.  Scarves are great for adding colour and interest, as are subtle necklaces or other pieces of jewellery.  V necks for women are also very flattering.  Hats and caps can work but mustn’t hide eyes.  And ladies, please wear fitted clothing – anything which flares, is gathered, A-lined or bat-winged will make you appear much larger.

  • Shoes:- Please make sure they are clean!  If they are scuffed give them a polish or dab some black koki onto areas which have been scratched. ​

Your shoot, what to do and what to expect

  • I have never had a shoot without fun and laughter and although some situations can be challenging (kids crying, clothing fails, time constraints, weather changes etc), you will ultimately make your photographs by bringing that smile and to stick with the plan that we are going to have beautiful images!! 

  • Arrive on time or contact me if you are running late.

  • Bring water and a few snacks.

  • When you are being photographed, please take directions from me only and not any other person (friends, family, onlookers etc.).  I will move you and get you in the right positions so do not worry about what to do.

  • If you want to do a different pose, have an idea, are thirsty, hot or cold, want a break, need some tea… please just say so!  Your comfort is important to me.

  • Bring props, toys for kids, flowers, blankets or anything of your liking to your family or other sessions, if this is what you want in your photos.

  • Your photo session WILL be relaxed, informal and not pressurized at all.  I will fit in with you and everyone else as this is also about enjoying the actual experience, not just the end result!  So no need to bribe your children/husband/father/mother/friend/family about "performing" during the shoot - families are complex, funny, interesting, fragile, grumpy, excited plus so much more - they are unique and real.  I would love to show that!


I look forward to having a great photo time together! :-)

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